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Full Wedding Cake Planning + Design


Here at Carafa Cakes, my goal is to provide confidence, peace of mind and excitement throughout your entire experience with me. From your initial inquiry to the unveiling of your wedding cake, I will do everything in my professional and creative power to make your vision become my vision and your investment become my investment in you. I truly believe that your wedding cake is the cherry on top and statement piece that your wedding day deserves. Let me help curate an extraordinary experience on your behalf.


I know that you have the ability to choose any cake designer for your wedding and I am so thrilled that you have arrived at my page. When it comes to wedding planning, this should be one of the most exciting steps. I want you to have the reassurance of knowing you made the right decision by working with me. I believe that strong communication and high-touch planning is key. What is high touch planning? It means that once you are my client you should have unlimited one-on-one contact with me; whether by emails, phone calls or you just want to grab some coffee and talk details. Let nothing go unsaid, I want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are on the same page at all times. Your time is valuable and I appreciate all efforts when it comes to communication. 


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Here at Carafa Cakes I like to do things a little over the top. Achieving a personal connection with all my clients helps set the foundation for the work we are going to do together.  In combination of my design style and your vision. cake artistry will be formed.

 I always encourage you to have a vision while keeping an open mind. By visualizing your wedding day or event, I am able to take all small and large details into consideration when creating a set of hand drawn cake sketches to best portray a cake design that speaks to you and your wedding or event as a whole.


The memories that you create on your wedding day will last a lifetime. This is when you have to decide what those memories will look like for your friends, your family, and above all you. What impact do you hope to leave? Your wedding can cake either be a means of feeding all your guests or it can be a beautiful testimony to your love story. I want to be that person that helps you tell your story.

Your investment is taken very seriously and is reciprocated by a mutual understanding of the quality of service you hope to recieve and the high standards we hold in our business. We are fully transparent and show upfront costs as to not take away from the enjoyable experience once you have made the decision to work with Carafa Cakes.

***in depth consultationn call to detrermine your wants needs and desires. determine if this is the right fit for your wedding

***not for everyone. One on one design collaboration with custom sketches. Exclusive cake tasting package for committed/booked clients

***STORY: and artist and their muse, creating something from nothing.  

"you are here because you have done all your planning and research and know that you want and deserve the best for your wedding and all future ventures. You understand that the level of production you aspire to includes attention to detail at every level. no detail is too small from your beautfully curated invitations, to the smell and visuals your guests experience through each moment of your wedding day. Your wedding cake is no small detail and know that only a select few can truly understand the importance of vendor relationship and vision execution for the sake of your perfect day. i want to help you feel like you are completely understood and that there is no one else better to help bring your visions to life. Lets not stop there, the wedding day although the most grand event and the ultimate beginning for you and your lovers journey. I believe that the whole experience leading up to the wedding should be just as romantic and enjoyable. All of my couples are provided with one on one access to me and given exclusive "freebees, gifts, thank you, pampering gifts" throughout the months leading up to their wedding. 

*discuss any events leading up to the wedding that will need customized desserts that can best serve their guests in the style and timeline that they desire. prime the couple and their guests for what is to come on their wedding day. 


Designing a wedding cake that seamlessly compliments your wedding style is the goal. Our pricing is customized by the scope of work that needs to be done; together and on your behalf. This includes your initial inquiry, our design collaboration, cake planning and design, delivery and execution. 

At the end of the day, your cake will cost as much as you'd like it to and as much it needs to in order to achieve the luxury look and feel you're after. Whether you are working with a budget or willing to spend as much as it takes to create cake artistry, it's all about how you want to feel the moment you walk in and see your cake for the very first time and every time after in your wedding gallery.

Below you will discover our range of signature square tiers. These various sizes range from mini to extravagent. Can't decide which one is right for you? I offer all of my clients 1-3 price and sketch projections that will better help you understand the look you're after as well as where your money can be best allocated in the design aspect before making any final decisions.

Your blank canvas awaits.


Delivery fees, design fees and minimums may apply and will be disclosed for your approval in advance.

Tier Dimensions | Our signature tier is approximately 8 inches in height. Includes 4 cake layers with 3 layers of buttercream/filling for a tall and elegant look. *Excludes the mini (3 cake layers with 2 layers of buttercream)

Cake Serving Dimensions | Lavish (1"x2"x8") Dessert (1"x1"x8") or (1"x2"x4") Coffee (1"x1"x4")

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